The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society has responded to Flash Floods that have affected Zimta Park and Dreamhouse high-desnsity residential areas in Mutare Urban in Manicaland province.  The flooods which are a result of heavy downpours on the night of 17 December 2014 destroyed houses, household property, blankets and swept away food reserves and an assortment of other valuables.  One minor, a 6 year old girl died after being swept away while sleeping in one of the destroyed houses and her body was recovered 3 km down stream. Two other family members survived with injuries. Meanwhile some of the affected victims have been moved to the nearby Murahwa school but some of the affected victims are resisting to be moved in a move they say is aimed at guaranteeing safety for their houses and salvaged property.  

The affected area is not well-serviced and has poor drainage and as a result the only stream that flows past them couldn't contain the rains that were fed into it by other streams flowing from the high level Christmas Pass.  The stream then burst resulting in the overflow flooding into the residential areas at window level and leaving a wave of the destruction in the process. Some of the affectdd families have sought refugee with relatives in the nearby suburbs.  The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society volunteers have so far registered a total of 69 affected households with support from one official from IOM and 4 officers from the Department of Social Services.  A total of 38 blankets,  18 kitchen sets, 24 water buckets, 15 packs of Sanitary Pads and 100 tabs have been availed by Zimbabwe Red Cross Society with Mutare City council and the Minister of Provincial Affairs weighing in with food relief like mealie meal, cooking oil,  kapenta and dried vegetables.  The office of the local MP is also assisting another victim who lost records and drugs to access anti-retroviral drugs. Mutare City Council has also dispatched 2 bull-dozers to work on the affected area's drainage system.  Zimbabwe is currently receiving heavy rains with expectation for more as we move towards year end and into the new year and the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society is on high alert.  It is hoped that enough relief materials and aid will be received to aid the response work. The organisation has also recently responded to other cases of flooding, lightning and gas disasters in Masvingo and Matebeleland South provinces.